Green Tourism Policy Statement for Shiantview Cottage

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment we have been assessed under Green Tourism. Green Tourism is a national sustainable tourism certification scheme. We are delighted and extremely proud that we have achieved this award when assessed against a rigorous set of environmental impact and sustainable criteria.

We are a small family run business with two self-catering holiday cottages and care about environmental and long-term sustainability. We are committed to make Shiantview Cottage as environmentally friendly as possible. Phosphate free and environmentally friendly cleaning products are sourced and in use in our cottage. All linen is laundered ‘in house’ using eco products and we dry the laundry outside as much as possible to conserve energy.

We also supply Fair Trade tea, sugar and coffee to guests and ask them to help us by recycling paper, glass, cans and cardboard using the green and blue bins provided. Rainwater is collected for use in the garden and for guests to clean walking boots, cycles etc. Email is used to communicate where possible to reduce paper consumption.

Shiantview Cottage has an efficient condensing boiler, radiators fitted with thermostats, thermal insulation which complies with the latest building regulations for energy efficiency and double-glazing. Most of the appliances in the cottage are ‘A’ Rated to minimize energy consumption. All light bulbs used are energy efficient. Our guest information files in the cottage and on our website have local information on what to do and suggested places to go and where to eat close to Shiantview Cottage. While we cannot completely eliminate the need to travel by car for most of our guests there are lots of ideas for walks and car free days. The cottage is on a local bus route. Important historical areas are nearby along with abundant wild life and seascapes on our doorstep.

  • Suggested areas where contributions can be made are as follows:
  • Switch off lights and TVs when not in use.
  • Please close doors and windows when you have the need to use the heating.
  • Please adjust the heating in individual rooms to suit your requirements.
  • Please avoid excessive use of water. Walking boots etc can be cleaned using rainwater collected in the trough.
  • The local council provide recycling facilities; we would ask you to use these, a bin is provided outside the cottage to collect recyclable materials.
  • A small bin is located in the kitchen for the disposal of compostable kitchen waste.
  • There is a local bus service which links into the town of Stornoway, thus saving you from driving.
  • We would welcome any ideas that you have, that could help Shiantview Cottage to be more ‘environmentally friendly’, while not affecting the enjoyment of our cottage.